Dear Patrons of Wild West Emporium, Quantum Oregon, and Quantum Alchemy,

Hi – we hope you are having a marvelous day. There are many interesting topics and events transpiring in the world today. One of the main ones on most everyone’s mind is Corona Virus, Covid-19, or whatever iteration is being discussed currently. Attached is an article, that is tangential to this topic. It discusses evidence that indicates cannabis compounds, in this case CBG, can potentially be beneficial for bacterial infections. Specifically in regards to treatment of multi-antibiotic resistant bacteria. To the extent, that Covid-19 may have a bacterial component to it, then, potentially CBG could be of benefit as well.  However, if as mainstream information indicates, this is truly a virus, then basically the body has to eliminate it on its own.

This being said, Full Spectrum Extract, also known as whole plant extract, is a tremendous general health nutraceutical. I personally take two to three grams daily for general health, it has helped with my glaucoma, etc. In March 2019, I was exposed to a tick with Lyme disease, and the doctor confirmed I was infected with the bacteria that causes Lyme. After taking Whole Plant Extract for approximately 4 months, the bacteria was no longer in my system. Although I continued to experience diverticulitis and insomnia which appears to be directly related to the Lyme exposure. Luckily – this has gone away now and I feel “normal” for the first time since this Lyme exposure.

Here is a link to the article mentioned above that talks about how cannabis compounds can potentially be of benefit with what’s going on in the world today. This article was found on the New York Post website and was written by Natalie O’Neil on February 28th 2020. We do not own any rights to this publication and give full credit to the author and original website where it was posted.

On behalf of myself and the crew, we appreciate greatly the opportunity to serve your cannabis needs!

Will Garrison