Answers to cannabis questions


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a major chemical compound found in cannabis plants. Not to be confused with the THC molecule, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD’s are totally nonpsychoactive. In other words you won’t get high, although you may feel a little warm, mellow and content.


Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of many chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found inside the dried resin glands of the female cannabis flower. In the plant’s raw form, THC is found as an acid rather than the psychoactive we have come to know and love. Male cannabis plants also produce mild amounts of THC, but typically not enough to interest most people.

For the straight dope on who discovered THC watch this short documentary film.

"The Scientist" is a documentary that traces the story of Dr Mechoulam from his early days... as a child of the Holocaust in Bulgaria, through his immigration to Israel, and his career as the chief investigator into the chemistry and biology of the world's most misunderstood plant.



The cannabis plant has class of chemicals and compounds that makes it smell pungent sweet, or like juicy citrus, and pine... even like candy. If this is you doing the flower sniffing, what you are smelling are a class of aromatic organic hydrocarbons called terpenes. These exist in the same stcky resins, or glandular trichomes where the TCH, CBD’s and many others compounds and chemicals naturally grow.

Looking past the most recognized cannabinoids such as TCH and CBD, there many other cannabinoids, terpenoids and even flavonoids that are found in the cannabis flower that have a significant role in strengthening the therapeutic effect of cannabis, which remains to gain the attention deserved from the scientific community, which has been held back from studying cannabis for it’s outdated federal schedule 1 classification.


The mighty flower is the part of the cannabis plant that you can smoke, vape, ingest, absorb, and enjoy. The flower is where all the beneficial chemicals and compounds exist. The quality of flower you buy, determines its effectiveness and how enjoyable you feel, so it's worth getting to know the basics. 

Different strains of cannabis flowers have a wide variety of effects, both on the body and the mind. Ask your Bud Tender about what is a good fit for your likes and dislikes. For example, some people are looking for a clear headed, creative,  energy boosting Sativa – while other may be looking for an Indica to relax, or to sleep really good. There are many high quality flowers available at all three Wild West Emporium locations, to provide you the experience and benefits you are looking for.


Edibles are food items made by infusing food items with marijuana oils. Edibles are used as an alternative to smoking or vaporizing marijuana. Edibles come in many forms, e.g. brownies, cookies, candies, chocolates, and beverages. We are excited for the next generation of edible products that will provide a whole plant and whole food based product line for our customers and patients. 


Highly concentrated cannabis extracts. The precise definition of "dabs" will vary by location, but is widely regarded as a more efficient, and cleaner way to consume cannabis. There are many ways of creating marijuana concentrates that would qualify as "dabs," with closed loop extraction creating the most efficient concentrates.


Concentrates, generally speaking are strong substances derived from marijuana flowers: commonly known as hash or oil, they often undergo special processes in order to be enjoyed by consumers and patients. "Concentrate" is an umbrella term that will pop up often when discussing marijuana intake methods.


Cannabis topicals include lotions, salves, balms, transdermal patches, oils and creams that are infused with active cannabinoid and terpene profiles and applied directly through your largest organ, your skin. They have grown in popularity in recent years, with cannabinoids like THC and CBD making their way into everything from lip balm and massage oils to cosmetics and other topical wellness products.


Accessories refer to items we carry such as pipes, rolling papers, rigs, bongs, and other devices used by our customers and patients to consume their preferred cannabis products. 


In Oregon, patients are able to obtain a Medical Marijuana Patient Card through the Oregon Health Authority. We are able to provide excellent recommendations to board licensed physicians who are able to make these recommendations if needed. They will work with you during your application process to ensure you have your paperwork in order and can obtain your card in a timely manner. 


Oregon passed Measure 91 in November 2014. This ballot measure stipulates adults 21+ with valid ID may purchase recreational products from our stores during business hours. To view your recreational limits for purchase and possession please visit What's Legal Oregon. You do not need to be a resident of Oregon 


We utilize the Baker platform to provide a live inventory menu for our customers and patients. Our online menu updates in real time to ensure you get the products you want when you visit our stores. You're able to shop and complete your order online and receive a simple text from the selected store when your order is ready for payment and pickup. Please ensure you bring your required ID and OMMP card (if applicable) when you come to pick up your product.