Intro - Deep Sleep – Fountain of Youth!

G’Day – Fellow Travelers!

Fourteen years of my life were spent working a high stress corporate job.  A trucking company in the lower Midwest of the U.S. The people and the job itself were, for the most part enjoyable. However, my inability to sleep - to be able to get rest totally eluded me.

For years I crept by on 4 to 6 hours of half-sleep for the week… then Icrashed all weekend, start it over again. I never felt truly rested, just stressed, anxious, pissed.

I finally left the company, and was able to start exploring cannabis – after being diagnosed with glaucoma.  Much to my surprise, I noticed that several other health issues had resolved at same time.

Through a combination of my using cannabis to help stop smoking cigarettes, motivation for long walks ("hash hikes"), which led to my losing weight, and realizing better sleep. Add to all this greatness, I had healthier diet and more of a regular sleep pattern. My  quality of life had become vastly improved.

For me personally, regularly dosing heavily with cannabis to get my “body clock re-set” — has been crucial for my improved health.  

I am 54 years old and feel way better than I did when I was 37 and stressed. I lost over 40 lbs and have no aches or pains… for me, heavy cannabis use, has helped with restful deep sleep, stress reduction, and enormous quality of life improvement.  

Always Onward!

Wild Will

Wild Will