About Wild West Emporium


About Us

Wild West Emporium (WWE) - retails recreational and medical cannabis though 3 stores located in the great state of Oregon.

our mission to you is

You are unique - your wants and desires are specific to you, and these may change over time. WWE
is engineered to meet your needs today, tomorrow, and through the years.

  • Recreational customers: Our goal is to provide you products for fun and responsible social enjoyment at a great value.
  • Medical patient customers: We are partnering with local physicians and their patients so as to better understand medical needs and the best ways to serve patients.

This is the first time in nearly a hundred years, when our citizens can choose cannabis as a potential treatment for medical conditions. Helping serve this market in the most impactful and scientifically-medically responsible manner possible, is our goal.

We want to give back and help those in our communities

We are establishing a charitable organization to help offset the cost to our medical patient customers who are unable to afford medicines. The founder of WWE is involved in the cannabis business because of his success using cannabis to treat glaucoma.

Providing cannabis to hospice patients is another key mission for WWE.  Personal experiences from people who suffered terminal illnesses and were denied access to medicines drive this endeavor.

It is our sincere belief we are on this planet at this time for a reason. We may not know what that reason is, but we know we need to find it and have fun while doing so.

To us, the way to do this is summed up in the phrase... “use your free will for peace and love around the world".

Where We Are

SE Portland area, in Clackamas County primarily, as well as eastern Portland. We look forward to expanding our footprint as we meet new people, and learn how to best serve their cannabis needs.

How We Do Business

Using old fashioned principles of diligence, professionalism and hard work.